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About CowManagement

CowManagement is always packed full of interesting and useful information to help UK dairy producers to manage their herds and run their businesses more efficiently.

It stands apart from other dairy publications by offering articles that are fresh and interesting with a focus on new ideas and technological developments. CowManagement is published ten times a year.

The magazine is produced by Davies Porter Media, together with UK partners whose businesses are integral to the UK dairy industry. 

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Our team

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Rachael Porter

From a dairy-farming family, Rachael is extremely proud and passionate about the UK dairy industry – and writing. She’s an award-winning agricultural journalist and editor, with more than 25 years of experience, and is now joint owner of CowManagement, after editing the magazine for nearly 20 years.

Jason Davies

Jason is an experienced sales and marketing professional. He has spent nearly 30 years working in the agricultural and veterinary sectors. He has held several industry positions – the most prominent being the Chairman of the Veterinary Marketing Association. Outside of work you can find Jason either sailing on the South Coast, or working as a powerboat instructor.

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CowManagement works closely with a selection of key partners, who each represent important areas of the industry and herd husbandry – from feeding and breeding through to health and data management. Their support ensures CowManagement offers its readers a breadth of in-depth, up-to-date technical information, covering all the latest and most important areas of dairy herd and business management.

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